My Certifications

Professional Master's Level Acupuncture Degree

imageAIAM’s Acupuncture program is the equivalent of a master’s level program. It involves coursework in bio-medical science, clinical training, professional development—including counseling, communications, ethics and practice management—and other related acupuncture studies. The full-time curriculum takes three academic years (27 months) to complete and consists of nine 12-week quarters, totaling 2,170 clock hours.

Students are expected to maintain high academic standards and meet all graduation requirements (as listed in the course catalog). Because of the advanced academic demands of this curriculum, students must have previous educational credits of at least an associate’s degree and/or 60-semester or 90-quarter credits at the baccalaureate level. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates receive a diploma and are prepared to be competent qualified practitioners of acupuncture.

Diplomate of Acupuncture

NCCAOM Certified

A Diplomate of Acupuncture is an acupuncturist who is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM®). It is a considerable professional achievement to earn the designation Diplomate of Acupuncture (NCCAOM). NCCAOM certification indicates to employers, patients, and peers that one has met national standards for the safe and competent practice of acupuncture as defined by the acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) profession. For additional information, about the Diplomate of Acupuncture, please visit the NCCAOM Website.

State License for Acupuncture

Ohio State Medical Board License for Acupuncture #65.000241 image

Reiki Master/Teacher

I have been practicing Reiki for 11 years.  I enjoy the balancing effect and must admit it was the catalyst that brought me to acupuncture. 

About Me

I began my career in the health industry in 1999 as a medical assistant.  I worked with patients in a very clinical setting and began to question how our medical system functioned.  I knew that Western Medicine was necessary but began to wonder if something was missing.  After a period of time, I felt burnt out and disconnected with the patients we cared for.  It was time for a change.  I began working for a chiropractor in 2003 and found a new approach to health, wellness and patient care.  I felt rejuvenated in a practice that referred out to Western doctors and also added a holistic approach to self-care and wellness.  My eyes where opened to a new approach!  I felt compelled to look into ways I could take my past knowledge and add in this new information and began searching and found myself studying essential oils, reiki, meditation and other methods of alternative self care.  Eventually I discovered acupuncture and in 2011 graduated with a degree in acupuncture.  

I am truely thankful for this path and how its helped my family with issues stemming from routine care to anxiety.  Two of my three children were born with some medical issues and alternative care has provided me with a way to help strengthen their health.  It has given me a passionate desire to help children and families with planning care to maintain health and wellness.  May each year bring us closer to those goals we set for ourselves and our loved ones.

Worker's Compensation

I have worked with Worker's Compensation for many years before becoming an Acupuncturist.  I understand how to document and treat someone, what a C9 is and how to address your current needs.  In order to treat you I do require an approved C9 from your physician of record.  Call for additional information if needed.